This is the perfect place to do nothing! A worthy undertaking indeed, favourite of mystics and philosophers down the ages.

Actually from the time you step into the Camp BodhiSatva, the flow of time slows down and then stops. And the mind is naturally drawn towards quite reflection and introspection (the writer himself once spent four days stretched out on a hammock).

The Camp is in what was formerly a part of a fruit orchard in Haloni Pul, Rajgarh. Around are giant Deodhar trees, terraced farms, fruit orchards and of course the towering presence of the Himalayas.

Towered by a thick Deodar and pine forest and set in a once upon a time blooming orchard of apple, peach, apricot and plums, Camp BodhiSatva is one for the calling. The surroundings will make you reminisce, the place will make you nostalgic and the weather will turn you in to an incorrigible romantic.

Camp BodhiSatva is set up in a fruit orchard at Haloni Pul, Rajgarh. A small patch of orchard land is used for the camp leaving much of the flora in its undisturbed state. Here you can challenge the Churadhar peak (12000-ft), which is about two days of a rigourous hike or four days of gentle trek two ways, or you can just choose to relax at the camp swinging on a Hammock. Or if you may please bask in the sun by the small river near the camp, going in for that very occasional dip every now and then. There is just no end to what you can do at the camp so come and explore it for yourself.

The two perennial streams around the camp are a boon to the natural beauty of the place. The camp is set up in a terraced fruit orchard facing a mountain. The narrow valley around the camp results in cold breeze around the camp at all times. And the thicket of Deodar trees around the camp helps maintain the temperature around the camp at an acceptable high at the hottest of all times.

Its place that can let you be, make you see, let you indulge and be high on life at all times. The perfect destination for your BodhiSatva.

Camp Rapid Fire

The name is synonymous with a perennial hunger for adventure.

If you are thinking of the Himalayas, stretching from ladakh to the north-east of the subcontinent, talk to us. We guarantee that you will be infected with the same passion that has been running in our veins since the inception of Questrails in 1999.

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